Vacancy No. 34-2019-IMT

34-2019-IMT PhD Position: In situ correlation of optical imaging with NMR microscopy, towards movement compensated metabolomic imaging of model organisms

Job description

The aim of this doctoral project is to obtain metabolically relevant information from a freely moving organism by NMR analysis. When microorganisms are retained, their response differs significantly from that of free organisms, so that all of the NMR-derived metabolomic signals obtained in this way are of little significance in biological experiments. However, when NMR signals from moving organisms are detected, the accuracy of the information is distorted or destroyed. These conflicting requirements call for a new strategy in NMR characterization. The goal is to adjust the intrinsic magnetic coordinate system in real time so that any captured NMR signal can be treated as if it were from a stationary object. One way to achieve this is to correlate an MR-compatible optical microscope with the NMR environment and to merge the two information datasets using a combination of image processing, motion prediction, coordinate transformation, and pulse sequence control. In addition to developing appropriate object tracking, the NMR detector must also be adapted to allow sensitive signal acquisition over a wider experimental range, for example, through the use of a phased array. The information obtained is then available for the metabolomics of the organism under chemical or physical stimulation conditions and provides extensive data in the NMR frequency / spatial / temporal domain.

Personal qualification
  • University degree (Diploma (UNI) / Master) in physics, mechanical engineering, micro technology or electrical Engineering 
  • Basic physical knowledge and knowledge in microscopic and spectroscopic characterization methods, preferably in spin resonant Methods
  •  Experience in micro fabrication Methods
  •  Analytical skills to solve physical and technical issues
  •  Interest in computer science and biological issues
  •  Good English knowledge
Organizational unit

Institute of Microstructure Technology (IMT)

Starting date

as soon as possible

Contract duration

limited to 3 years

Application up to


Contact person in line-management

For further information, please contact Prof. Dr. Korvink, e-mail:, phone 0721 608-22740


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If qualified, severely disabled persons will be preferred.