Vacancy No. IMT 31-18

IMT 31-18 Master Thesis: Optimization of laser-induced pyrolysis for the fabrication of flexible carbon devices


Job description

Carbon-based micro and nano devices have received a lot of attention due to their applications in energy storage, bio-electronics and sensor technology. These devices are typically fabricated by patterning a carbonizable polymer coated on silicon wafers, which is converted into carbon in a high-temperature furnace. The aim of this project is to transfer this process to flexible substrates using a localized, laser-induced carbonization of polymer substrates. In other words, we would like to use lasers for writing carbon patterns on polymers. This will require an extensive laser parameter optimization, and the characterization of the resulting carbon material based on its electrical conductivity, porosity and surface properties. A correlation between the laser parameters (for example, different wavelengths, power, fluence) and the size of the patterned structures needs to be established. After process optimization, device applications of these flexible polymer-carbon assemblies will be tested. The project will require working in KIT Campus North as well as Campus South for using different instruments and facilities. Own device ideas from the student are encouraged.

Further information on the Institute of Microstructure Technology (IMT):

Personal qualification

Basic knowledge of laser handling, material characterization and polymer science. Experience in microfabrication will be an advantage.

Field of study: Material science, optics, electrical/ mechanical/ chemical engineering.

Organizational unit

Institute of Microstructure Technology (IMT)

Starting date

by appointment

Contract Duration

4-6 months

Contact person

Dr. Swati Sharma, IMT,
+49 721 608-29317 (e-mail:


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If qualified, handicapped applicants (m/f/d) will be preferred.