Vacancy No. IPE 15-18

IPE 15-18 Bachelor- or Masterthesis: Development of an automated motor control and image recognition for building highly integrated detector modules


Job description

The Compressed Baryonic Matter (CBM) experiment at GSI in Darmstadt studies matter at very high densities. For this purpose, heavy ions (e.g. gold) are collided and the created particles are detected.

The core detector of the experiment is the Silicon Tracking System (STS) consisting of silicon strip  and pixel sensors for momentum determination  and track identification of the particles.

At IPE, roughly 400 detector modules are developed and produced.

Each strip detector module consists of a double-sided sensor, 16-32 ultra-light micro-cables and as many readout ASICs for signal processing.

In order to handle the extremely complex connection of the cables - especially with the sensor - a pick and placer machine has been developed at IPE. LabWindows will be used to develop software to automate the assembly process. This includes stepper motor control, valve control via I/O ports
and automatic positioning of components via pattern recognition with the aid of two high-resolution cameras.


  • Development of a robust, effective program sequence for assembling the modules
  • Implementation of suitable methods for reliable pattern recognition of the components (sensor, micro cable)
  • Setting up a user-friendly graphical user interface (GUI)
  • Control of a valve island for vacuum control by magnetic valves
  • Thermal regulation of the heating cartridges for the placement head and the substrate
Personal qualification
  • Studying of engineering, computer science, physics or related subjects
  • Previous knowledge of programming, especially C or LabWindows
  • Basic knowledge of optics, image recognition, image processing
  • Interest in automation techniques
Organizational unit

Institute for Data Processing and Electronics (IPE)

Starting date

On appointment

Contract duration

According to the study regulations

Contact person                   

Patrick Pfistner, IPE, Telefon 0721/608-25642  ( 

Prof. Marc Weber, IPE


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If qualified, handicapped applicants (m/f/d) will be preferred.