Vacancy No. 33-2018-IMT

33-2018-IMT PhD Position "Design and development of a compact microfluidic electron spin resonance spectrometer"


Job description

You will develop a microfluidic system for cell culture handling and produce it in the IMT clean room. The system will trap cells in a region of interest and be able to maintain the conditions necessary to prevent cell death.  The system will be integrated with a CMOS-based electron spin resonance (ESR) chip to be developed by a project collaboration partner in Stuttgart, and therefore regular meetings will be expected. Microwave resonator structures for ESR detection may be required so that the microfluidic chip operates as an ESR spectrometer.  The complete system will be operated by a project collaboration partner in Berlin, which will require experimentation by you in the laboratory of the collaboration partner.

You will also develop a portable permanent magnet that is optimized for high field homogeneity and strengths on the order of 1 Tesla.  The magnet will be designed so that the microfluidic system can be inserted into the magnetic field, and the region of interest is located at the point of highest field homogeneity.  This will require the simulation of potential magnet geometries using FEM (e.g. COMSOL).   The magnets with the best characteristics determined by the simulation will be manufactured and integrated with the spectrometer setup.

Regular participation in internal project meetings is necessary, partly together with our research partners from Berlin and Stuttgart, where you will report on the interim results. It is expected that the results will be published in peer-reviewed journals.

You will become a member of a group at IMT that is already established in magnetic resonance.  You will have the opportunity to interact with colleagues working in many aspects of magnetic resonance, including ESR, micro-MR resonators, integrated MR detectors, novel MR electronics, and MR hyperpolarization.

Personal qualification

Master's degree in microsystems technology, physics or mechatronics with experience in multi-physics simulation and microfluidic design and microfabrication.

Organizational unit

Institute of Microstructure Technology (IMT)

Starting date

as soon as possible

Contract duration

limited to 3 years

Application up to


Contact person in line-management

Dr. Neil MacKinnon, IMT, Email:



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