Vacancy No. IMT 36-18

IMT 36-18 Master Thesis: Biofabricated microfluidic environment for controlled assembly of cell populations on hydrogel membranes

Job description

Communication between individual cells, as well as between entire clusters or populations of cells, is of extreme importance as it determines the biological phenotype.

In the framework of this project carried out at the Spin and Photon Application (SPA-) Lab at IMT, you will perform biofabrication in a microfluidic environment with the goal to artificially assemble organised populations of cells in microenvironments. This assembly using methods of microsystem engineering will offer spatio-temporal control and programmability over the assembly of the cell populations. In other words, the cell populations will be assembled at the locations within the microfluidic environment and at times that will be defined by the user.

The next step of the project will be to integrate the microfluidic assembly of cell populations with nuclear magnetic resonance micro-detectors in order to detect signalling/communication between various cell populations.

You will be integrated in a larger team within the SPA-Lab. Within this project, you will use the infrastructure existent at the Institute of Microstructure Technology (IMT), i.e., microfabrication facilities and micro-characterisation equipment. This is a complete project, offering the possibility to design, fabricate and test the devices, giving you the opportunity to co-author conference and/or journal publications.

Further information on the Institute of Microstructure Technology (IMT):

Personal qualification

good academic record (marks); curious about various aspects of science;

enthusiastic to work in a multidisciplinary environment;

independent thinker and team player;

in particular: strong interest in microfluidics, BioMEMS, microsystems technologies for bio-medical applications;

knowledge in microsystems/microfabrication/microfluidics is desirable.

Field of study: Bioengineering, Chemical Engineering, Biotechnology, Process Engineering, Chemistry, Biochemistry, Analytics/Bioanalytics, Life Science

Contract Duration:
6-9 months

Organizational unit

Institute of Microstructure Technology (IMT)

Starting date

by appointment

Contact person:      
Dr. Vlad Badilita, IMT,
+49 721 608-29315 (e-mail:


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Ms Schaber
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If qualified, severely disabled persons will be preferred.