Vacancy No. ITAS 09-19

ITAS 09-19 Master thesis: Development of an MCDA based screening method for emergent battery materials (MatScreen)

Job description

There is a wide consensus that energy storage technologies are an im-portant element to enable continued stability to future decarbonized Eu-ropean energy networks. Within the POLiS (Post Lithium Storage) Cluster of Excellence, scientists from Karlsruhe and Ulm are researching future batteries, which should be powerful, reliable, sustainable and environ-mentally friendly. The overall objective of the Cluster is to build a funda-mental understanding of a new generation of electrochemical energy storage systems and develop a platform for future stationary and mobile applications. Within POLiS (, a screening method of different electrode mate-rials for new types of battery will be developed, taking into account sus-tainability aspects. The screening on the basis of selected criteria should make it possible to obtain initial indications on the sustainability of dif-ferent electrode materials from the perspective of technology develop-ers. A multi-criteria decision analysis method will be developed together with technology developers (e.g. AHP in combination with Fuzzy Logic, ELECTRE, etc.). The planned master thesis within POLiS is a cooperation with HIU ( and ITAS.

The task includes the following aspects:

  • Development of a modular MCDA-tool (modular with regard to criteria adaptation), e.g. AHP + X
  • First collection and design of a set of criteria for testing the tool, if necessary already in close coordination with a small group of technology developers for the material screening
  • Preliminary study: Test weightings and feedback experts –
  • Documentation and critical reflection
Personal qualification
  • Study field: industrial engineering, computer science, mathematics or similar disciplines
  • Experience in the field of Operation Research in the field of MADM is very advantageous
  • Basic technical understanding of energy storage technologies, materials and the topic of sustainability
  • Good knowledge of MS Office, especially Excel
Organizational unit

Institute for Technology Assessment and Systems Analysis (ITAS)

Starting date


Contract Duration
6 months

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