Vacancy No. IAI 08-17

IAI 08-17 \ Internship, Master or Bachelor thesis in the field of: Development of light management structures using liquid crystals

Job description

Liquid crystals are currently mainly applied in liquid crystal display Technology (LCD). Thereby the liquid crystal is used in arrays of light valves forming the pixels of the display. But the controllability of the optical properties of liquid crystals allows for their use in light management structures for various further applications. Within the present research project new manufacturing technologies for the fabrication of liquid crystal light management structures shall be tested. For single manufacturing steps the applicability of printing technologies shall be analyzed and applied. The aim is to develop a multilayer printed system with integrated optical elements based upon liquid crystals.

There’s a variety of interesting tasks within the frame of an internship. Among them are

  • Setup of  light management structures using liquid crystals and following electrical and optical characterization of the samples built
  • Connection of single polymer layers with different bonding techniques and performance of peel tests for the bonded samples
Personal qualification

You study in a technical discipline and are interested in research and development? You are able to work concentrated and independently? Then we are looking forward to your application.

Organizational unit

Institute for Applied Informatics (IAI)

Starting date

with immediate effect

Contact person

Liane Koker, Institute for Applied Computer Science
phone +49/ 721/608-24143 (e-mail:


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If qualified, handicapped applicants will be preferred.