Vacancy No. ITEP 04-21

ITEP 04-21 Master Thesis: Stability analysis in superconducting-based electrical grids

Job description

Providing a reliable and secure power and energy system is one of the main challenges of the new era. The efficient operation of power systems contributes to decrease in fuel consumption and gas emission, conservation of natural resources, ensuring sustainability with better planning, and providing cleaner energy. The evolving modern optimization methods lead to more effective solutions and are promising for the continuously changing power system management, planning, and operation. New technologies based on superconducting materials are gaining popularity among private sector in the last few years due to their higher operating ef´Čüciencies. In special, superconducting cables are very interesting in the research sector. The integration of such technologies as well as a large number of distribution generation (DG) systems to utility network leads to the need for re-planning of the existing electrical systems. The aim of the work is to analyse the impact in an existing 110 kV network of superconducting cables on the short circuit current.

To provide a better insight into the expected content of the Master thesis project, requirements and expectations are listed in the following:

  • Read literature and summarize the state-of-art regarding the short circuit issue in distribution and sub-transmission networks
  • Develop a static model of the aforementioned 110kV network using the simulation software Digsilent PowerFactory.
  • Perform extensive short-circuit studies in the 110kV network, considering different network configurations, and the replacement of the lines with superconducting cables.
  • Make a clear and comprehensive presentation and evaluation of the results. All results should be documented adequately.
Personal qualification
  • A background in electrical engineering is required for this project.
  • Experience in programing using MATLAB, MATLAB/Simulink or Digsilent PowerFactory is a plus.
  • Knowledge about power system optimization methods is a plus.
  • Language: German or English
Organizational unit

Institute for Technical Physics (ITEP)

Starting date

Immediately after agreement

Contact person
Contract Duration

limited to 6 months.

Contact person in line-management

For further information, please contact Dr. -Ing. Giovanni De Carne, e-mail:, Tel. 0721 608-25924.


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Recognized severely disabled persons will be preferred if they are equally qualified.