Vacancy No. ITG 01-17

ITG 01-17 / Internship, Master, Bachelor or Diploma thesis: Miniaturizing Cell Lysis


Job description

Cell lysis is an obligatory processing step prior to many biological analysis techniques. Miniaturization of this process has been a hurdle so far and established protocols have not been translated into micro- and nanolitre volumes, in particular within microfluidic set-ups.

Our group has developed a miniaturized droplet microarray platform based on wettability patterning. This platform enables the formation of hundreds of nanoliter and microliter sized reaction compartments. The aim of this project is to establish a successful cell lysis protocol within these compartments, that is compatible with high-throughput screening and mass spectrometric downstream analysis. Therefore, besides cell lysis, the student will gain hands-on experience with high-throughput screening and mass spectrometry.

For this, the student will compare chemical cell lysis with liquid-nitrogen treatment and possibly sonication-triggered cell lysis. For chemical lysis both surfactant and enzymatic strategies will be assessed. Success and tenderness of the method will be monitored by the spreading of GFP protein from cells into the lysis buffer through fluorescence microscopy and subsequent image analysis.

Personal qualification

Course of studies: Bio-Engineering, Biology, Chemistry

Organizational unit

Institute of Toxicology and Genetics (ITG)

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Contract Duration

3 Months

Contact Person

Ms Dorothea Paulssen, ITG, 0721/608-24634 (E-Mail:



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